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Ryan Altom – Lads to Leaders

David Benson – Worship Assembly

Jason Brewer – Youth Education

Brandon Brown – Jonesboro Area Ministries

Bernie Bryant – Ministry for Senors (Pairs & Spares)

Gary Buck – World Missions

Cameron Campbell – Jonesboro Area Ministries

Randy Carlton – Youth Involvement Spiritual

Kiley Coker – Small Groups

David Daniel – Jonesboro Area Ministries/Benevolence

Clinton Diles – Bus Ministry

Harold Ferguson – Ministry for Seniors (Pairs & Spares)

Mitchel Fitts – Financial Accountability

Brian Gibson – Transportation

Randall “Teddy” Hooton – Bus Ministry

John Lieblong – Involvement

Jeff Madden – Lad’s to Leaders

Ron Marsh – New Members

John McKnight – Children’s Education

Roger McMillan – Children’s Bible Hour

Matt Mitchener – Jonesboro Area Ministries (JAM)/Jail Ministry

Pat Mitchener – Building Maintenance and Improvement

Mark Morrow – Jonesboro Area Ministries (JAM)

Matt Nix – College Ministry

Tommy Nix – College Ministry

Jon Ross – Jonesboro Area Ministries (JAM)

Burt Samples – Worship Production and Technology

Perry Smith – Involvement/Fellowship

Wiley Stanley – Fellowship

Andy Swann – Children’s Ministry

Paul Thornton – Worship Production and Technology

Harvey Vincent – Building Maintenance and Improvement

Charles Whitaker – Senior Singles

Kyle Widick – Worship Assembly